Winnifred the Wise
Vital Statistics
Title Winnifred the Wise
Other names Mommy (by Cedric)
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Other Statistics
Occupation Sorcerer (retired)
Family Goodwyn (husband);
Cedric (son)
Location Mystic Meadows; Enchancia[1]
Production Details
First appearance Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess (portrait)
StF: "Cedric's Apprentice"
Played by Russi Taylor

Winnifred is a retired sorcerer, who lives with her husband, Goodwyn, at Mystic Meadows. She is also the mother of Cedric, who succeeded Goodwyn as royal sorcerer of Enchancia.


She is kind and compassionate to her son, going as far as to not only be verbally encouraging,[2] but also secretly aide him in his constant attempts to overthrow the kingdom of Enchancia, which includes stealing the Amulet of Avalor.[3] This means stealing it from the young, Princess Sofia, who is always nice and friendly to Cedric, being close to something of a friend for him. She has come to appreciate this from Sofia, and has been hospitable to her,[1] but she never forgets what must be done, even to how it would hurt Sofia and the kingdom. She is not necessarily evil, herself; she is simply does this to not only support Cedric, but to get at Goodwyn, who is too self-righteous.[4]


Total appearances: 11.

* Bold indicates main or larger supporting role.