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"Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess"
Season 0, episode 0
Once Upon a Princess title card
Airdate: November 18, 2012
Writer: Craig Gerber
Director: Jamie Mitchell
"Just One of the Princes"

Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess is the pilot movie of the TV series, Sofia the First.


Sofia's mother marries the king of Enchancia. Now she must learn to be a princess, while she deals with the scheming royal sorcerer, who wants to usurp the power of her newly received amulet, and a jealous stepsister.


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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


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  • Enchancia (first appearance)
    • Dunwiddie (first appearance; main story and flashback)
      • Sofia's home/shoe workshop (only appearance; main story and flashback)
    • Enchancia Castle (first appearance; main story and flashback)
      • Sofia's bedroom (first appearance)
      • Cedric's workshop (first appearance)
  • Royal Preparatory Academy (first appearance)
    • Library (first appearance)
    • Ballet room (first appearance)



  • Flying stage coaches (first appearance)


Ariel Winter Sofia
Darcy Rose Byrnes Amber
Zach Callison James
Sara Ramirez Miranda
Travis Willingham Roland II
Wayne Brady Clover
Meghan Strange Robin
Ashley Eckstein Mia
Tim Gunn Baileywick
Jess Harnell Cedric
Tress MacNeille Merryweather
Barbara Dirickson Flora
Russi Taylor Fauna
Fiona Bishop Ruby Hanshaw
Isabella Acres Jade
Jim Cummings Wormwood
Professor Popov
Maxim Knight Prince Zandar
Michaela Zee Princess Jun
Jennifer Hale Princess Cinderella


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  • It's unclear when exactly Miranda married Roland. She has to go back to the village to pick Sofia up, who apparently hasn't formally met her stepfather or stepsiblings yet.
    • This seems to be retconned in the "Me and My Mom" song from "Mom's the Word", where the family comes together, seemingly at the end of the wedding ceremony. Although, Amber seems unusually pleased by this.
  • From the village to the castle, Sofia is wearing her village clothing, then suddenly once she gets to the castle, she's wearing her princess dress.
  • Jade is at the back of the class (sitting next to Princess Jun), when Sofia first walks in. When Jun does a curtsy to Sofia, Jade disappears. (Incidentally, Jade later goes to Royal Prep for a day in "Princess Jade".)
  • Sofia says she'll dry off before the next class, but she doesn't and stays wet the entire day, risking the chance of catching pneumonia.


Sofia: Mom, we're almost there! I wonder what our room will look like?
Miranda: Sofia, now that we're living in the castle, you're going to have your own bedroom.
Miranda & Sofia: (excitedly) Yes!

Miranda: Amber, James, I know there aren't many fairy tales about kind and loving stepmothers. But I hope to change that.

Roland: Sofia, welcome to the family.

Baileywick: All hail Queen Miranda and Princess Sofia!

Roland: Sofia.
Sofia: (startled and drops silverware) Yes, Your Majesty? (chuckles nervously)
Roland: Call me Roland, or "You with the crown!" Or Dad?

Roland: Sofia, I have something for you. Consider it a welcome gift.
Sofia: It's beautiful.
Roland: It's a very special amulet, so you must promise to never take it off. That way you'll never lose it.
Sofia: I promise.

Cedric: She has the Amulet of Avalor. But not for long.

Cedric: With each deed performed, for better or worse, a power is granted, for better or worse, a blessing or curse.

Cedric: Oh, I'll give it right back. I promise.
Sofia: But I promised never to take it off. And my mother says, "A broken promise can never be glued back together."
Cedric: How irritatingly charming.

Clover: You can hear us?!
Sofia: You can talk?!
Robin: "Can he stop talking?" is a better question.

Clover: You ever heard of personal space, momma? Put me down!
Sofia: Oh, sorry. You're just so cute and cuddly I couldn't help it.
Clover: Yeah, well, please help it.

Clover: Okay. Now, why do you think us woodland creatures have been helping you princesses for all these years?
Sofia: I don't know. Tell me.
Clover: Cause we gotta eat. And you got the food.

Ruby: Prince James poured me tea!

James: What you did wasn't a prank. She needed those dance lessons. You're trying to ruin her ball. And I know why.
Amber: Because she doesn't belong here?
James: No. Because everyone likes her more than you. And after what you did today, so do I.
Amber: You don't mean that.
James: Yes, I do. (walks away) Amber: Wait! James! Come back!

Marcie or Suzette: Prettiest princess in the palace.
Amber: (overhears and runs away sobbing)

Sofia: Cinderella? What are you doing here?
Cinderella: Your amulet brought me here. It links all the princesses that ever were. And when one of us is in trouble, another will come to help.

Clover: Oh, they've got your master's spellbook, birdbrain.
Wormwood: But the counter-spellbook is hidden behind the painting. So the joke's on them.
Sofia: Thanks, Wormwood!
Wormwood: She heard what I said? No!

Roland: You dance wonderfully!
Sofia: Thanks, Your Majesty. I mean, Dad.

Amber: I taught her everything she knows.
James: Huh?

Sofia: I've been wondering. Why do they call you "Roland the Second"?
Roland: Because my father, the former king, was also named Roland.
Sofia: So I guess that makes me Sofia the First.
Roland: (chuckles) I guess it does.

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