Vital Statistics
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Other Statistics
Occupation Castle steward (fired)
Affiliation King Magnus (formerly)
Location Rudistan
Production Details
First appearance StF: "Baileywhoops"
Played by Christian Borle

Slickwell was the castle steward of Rudistan, who schemed to take over Baileywick's position at Enchancia Castle.


Slickwell appeared at Enchancia Castle for the kingdom's Jubilee with King Magnus. He gave Baileywick a cursed pin so Baileywick would be very clumsy with everything, ultimately retiring so Slickwell could steal his job. When Sofia and Clover found out about the cursed pin, Sofia told Clover to make sure Slickwell didn't get away with it. Clover put the pin on Slickwell's coattails to give him "a taste of his own medicine." When Sofia told her parents and everyone else about Slickwell's plot against Baileywick and the cursed pin, everyone was furious with him. Slickwell told King Roland he couldn't fire him because he worked for King Magnus, but that was until Magnus himself stepped forward and instantly fired him. Slickwell was escorted to the castle gates by the guards and thrown out before vowing to return, but ended up falling flat on his face due to the pin still being stuck to him.