"Sidekick Clio"
Season 2, episode 29
Sidekick Clio title card
Airdate: July 22, 2015
Writer: Erica Rothschild
Director: Jamie Mitchell
Mircea Kyle Mantta (co-director)
"Carol of the Arrow"
"Lord of the Rink"

"Sidekick Clio" aired as the twenty-eighth and final episode of season two of Sofia the First, and the fifty-second overall. It may have been the last to air, but it was actually only the second to last produced. The thirtieth and last was "Lord of the Rink", which aired as the thirteenth episode of season three.


Sofia encourages to Clio to audition for the school play while Hildegard is away, but when she comes back, Clio struggles to stay outside of Hildegard's shadow again.


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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


  • None

Other characters:




  • Flying stagecoaches


Ariel Winter Princess Sofia
Tyler Merna Prince James
Darcy Rose Byrnes Princess Amber
Travis Willingham King Roland II
Jess Harnell Cedric
Harley Graham Princess Clio
Jenna Lea Rosen[1] Princess Clio (singing)
Coco Grayson Princess Hildegard
Tania Gunadi Miss Elodie
Kiara Muhammad Princess Kari
Jaden Betts Prince Khalid


Connections to previous eventsEdit



  • There's a photograph of Professor Popov in the back of the stage, even though photography doesn't exist yet. This is made fun of by the fact Hildegard brings back paintings of her travels, instead of photos.
  • Some of the kids in the play appear in their costumes from "Princess Butterfly"; some of them are also doubled, such as a double of Clio in her leopard costume next to the real Clio, who's one of the leads; a double of Princess Jun is above the stage, when the real Jun is supposed to be down below in a bird costume.


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