Prisma (depowered)


Vital Statistics
Species Crystalmaster
Gender Female
Other Statistics
Equipment Terra Crystal (formerly)
Occupation Crystal maker (formerly)
Affiliation Twitch;
Family Azurine (sister)
Production Details
First appearance StF: "The Mystic Isles"
Played by Megan Hilty

Prisma is an evil crystalmaster from the Isle of Crystals, one of the floating isles of the Mystic Isles.


She masks her true ambitions of conquest and homicide by talking in a sweet, inoffensive voice, usually to trick people and other creatures into helping her, making her a master manipulator and possibly quite psychotic, only breaking this demeanor when angered enough.

She's immensely jealous of her sister, Azurine, who controls the Terra Crystal, and captured her in a ball of crystal vines. She cares nothing of the other isles, terraforming as many of them as possible and stripping them of their magic, which removed the magical traits of the native creatures of each isle, such as Orion's wings, Harumph's size, and Skye's wings and horn.

She has also attempted to kill Princess Sofia on more than one occasion.