Princess Lakshmi
Princess Lakshmi
Vital Statistics
Title Princess
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color Dark brown
Other Statistics
Occupation Student
Affiliation Students of Royal Preparatory Academy
Family Raja Vijay (father)
Production Details
First appearance Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess
Played by Shavanie Jayne[1]

Lakshmi is princess who attends Royal Preparatory Academy.


After Sofia tripped on her first day after being welcomed in class, her jealous step-sister, Amber, made fun of her later in the playground to three other princesses, including Lakshmi. To her chagrin, however, when Sofia came up from behind to say hello, they fled to her, complimenting her amulet and expressing their enthusiasm for Sofia's upcoming debut ball, with Lakshmi saying how she couldn't wait.[2]


Total appearances: 19.