Princess Ivy
Princess Ivy
Vital Statistics
Title Princess
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color Black and white
Other Statistics
Affiliation Roma;
Princess Sofia;
Miss Nettle;
Family Unnamed sister (mentioned)
Production Details
First appearance StF: "The Curse of Princess Ivy"
Played by Anna Camp

Ivy is a color hating princess who was banished from her unnamed kingdom by her sister to a remote island.


She tries to lull people and types of races into a false sense of security by trying to flatter them into getting what she wants. In reality, this is only to cover her own relentlessness in getting a kingdom of her own. She was deftly jealous of her older sister being queen, inspite of her own talents, making her very vain. She is also very malicious to people's health, as she threatened using her memory-erasing dragonflies on Princesses Sofia and Amber so many times they wouldn't remember their own names.


Early lifeEdit

Ten years ago, she tried to overthrow her sister as queen, but she was thwarted and marooned on a deserted isle.


When Princess Amber found out that her sister's special amulet could summon famous princesses, she was desperate for one to come to her personally, so she stole it, and requested for Rapunzel. She didn't know that the amulet was only to summon a princess in an emergency, so it punished her by releasing Princess Ivy into the former's bedroom.



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