Princess Elena
Princess Elena
Vital Statistics
Title Crown Princess
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Brown
Other Statistics
Equipment Scepter of Light
Affiliation Grand Council;
Naomi Turner;
Mateo de Alva;
Lt. Gabe Nuñez;
Family Queen Lucia (mother, deceased);
King Raul (father, deceased);
Princess Isabel;
Luisa (grandmother);
Francisco (grandfather);
Chancellor Esteban (cousin)
Production Details
First appearance EoA: "First Day of Rule"
Played by Aimee Carrero

Elena Castillo Flores is the crown princess and current ruler of Avalor. She inherited the throne from King Raul and Queen Lucia, after they died from an attack by Queen Shuriki.[1][2] However, due to being only sixteen, she can't be become full queen yet; instead, she must learn to rule as the crown princess.[1]


Total appearances: 17.


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