Prince Zandar
Prince Zandar
Vital Statistics
Title Prince
Species Human
Hair color Black
Eye color Green
Other Statistics
Affiliation Prince James;
Royal Redhawks[1]
Family King Habib (father);
Queen Farnaz (mother)
Production Details
First appearance Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess
Played by Maxim Knight[2]
Karan Brar[3]
Cade Sutton[4]
Nathaniel Semsen[5]

Zandar is the young prince of the kingdom of Tangu, and a student at Royal Preparatory Academy. He is the best friend of Prince James.


Early life

As a new student, Zandar was tricked by James into riding the out of control magic swing.[2]


As Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather sung "Royal Prep", Zandar and some of the students joined them in a marching parade.

Zandar was then practicing with a wand over a frog, as Sofia walked past and accidentally transformed Prince Zandar, Princess Jun, and Prince Derek into a frogs, which was undone by Fauna. When Sofia finally got to her right class, the aforementioned headmistresses introduced Sofia, with Zandar greeting her with a bow; when she went to bow back, she dropped her books, but Zandar and a couple of other boys helped her.

After James pranked Sofia with the magic swing, which caused her to crash into the fountain, Zandar helped her out, telling her about his past experience with it.[2]

He and Prince James made a cannon-themed castle for a school project.[6]

Zandar invited a group of his friends from Royal Preparatory Academy to Tangu, and tried to impress Princess Hildegard.[7]


Total appearances: 26.

* Bold indicates a main or larger supporting role.


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