Prince Roderick
Prince Roderick
Vital Statistics
Title Prince
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Blond
Other Statistics
Affiliation Gavin
Production Details
First appearance StF: "The Secret Library"
Played by Cary Elwes

Roderick is the prince of the kindgomd of Borrea. He is seemingly the only royal inhabitant of his castle.


Early life

Three months ago, his knights captured Mazzimo and brought him back to his castle. Roderick renamed him Thundercloud and held him in his stable against his will.


Princess Sofia of Enchancia and her Aunt Tilly found out about this and flew on their horses to free them, where he walked in on them. Sofia and Tilly both told him Mazzimo wanted to be free, but Roderick refused to listen. Sofia and Tilly then tripped him and his servant up, letting Mazzimo escape, anyway. Not wanting to lose such a fine horse, Roderick gave chase and captured both Mazzimo and Sofia's horse and Mazzimo's brother, Minimus. He and Gavin land to properly secure them and then head back. On the way, he voiced his hope that lunch would be ready back at his castle. Suddenly, Sofia intercepted him and freed Minimus. Roderick told her to fly home, but Sofia unseated him with Tilly's umbrella and sent him down in defeat. Just when things couldn't get worse for Roderick and Gavin, their horses also take flight to join Mazzimo and the others.