Prince Hugo
Prince Hugo
Vital Statistics
Title Prince
Other names Baby bro (by Axel)
Champ (by King Garrick)
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Green
Other Statistics
Occupation Student
Affiliation Princess Sofia
Family King Garrick (father);
Prince Axel (brother)
Unnamed uncle (mentioned)
Unnamed grandfather (mentioned)
Location Unnamed kingdom
Production Details
First appearance StF: "Just One of the Princes"
Played by Colin Ford (season 1)
Grayson Hunter Goss (seasons 2-3)
Aaron Daniel Jacob (singing voice)

Hugo is the second and youngest prince of an unnamed kingdom. He starts off as a bully to Prince James and Princess Sofia, but that was only because he couldn't work well under the pressure of having to live up to his family's legacy. With help from Sofia, Hugo learned the true meaning of teamwork and became very close friends with her.


Total appearances: 6.

* Bold indicates main or larger supporting role.