Miss Nettle
Miss Nettle
Vital Statistics
Other names Sascha the Sorceress (temporarily)[1]
Species Fairy
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Light blue
Other Statistics
Equipment Crazy crystals
Affiliation Flora (formerly);[2]
Fauna (formerly);[2]
Merryweather (formerly);[2]
Princess Sofia;[3]Princess Ivy[3]
Production Details
First appearance Megan Mullally
Anna Vocino[3]

Miss Nettle is a former[4][3] evil fairy, who apprenticed under Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.[2]


Miss Nettle's desire to have her work get her the great respect, makes her come off as somewhat of a megalomaniac. She claims that people should "Make way for Miss Nettle."[2][1] She felt disrespected by Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, when they didn't share their secrets with her after her apprenticeship with them, and wanted revenge by trapping them in a bubble, but was eventually stopped largely by the interference of Princess Sofia.

What felt like the cruellest insult to Miss Nettle, was that the flower she had created was stolen by the royal gardener of Freezenberg, a kingdom that was unable to grow flowers, and then it was named the Snowdrop. She searched desperately for them, and when she found them, she began to take them all back. Sofia, a thorn in Miss Nettle's side, didn't know this and tried to stop Miss Nettle. When she learnt from Miss Nettle what had happened, she told King Henrick, who was more than happy to give her the credit she deserved, and renamed them the Nettledrop in her honor. Miss Nettle was deeply touched by this and returned all the flowers to the people of Freezenberg.[4]

Miss Nettle had apparently continued to turn over a new leaf by helping find a cure to the Deep Sleeps, but she was fine with crossing the line to do get it done.[3]