Meg and Peg
Meg and Peg
Vital Statistics
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Light green
Other Statistics
Affiliation Buttercups;
Team Marshak (temporarily)[1]Dunwiddie Ducks[2]
Family Unnamed brother[3]
Location Dunwiddie, Enchancia
Production Details
First appearance StF: "The Buttercups"
Played by Fiona Bishop

Meg and Peg are twin sisters who live in Enchancia's village of Dunwiddie. They were the newest members of the Buttercups,[3] until Princess Amber joined.[4]


Buttercup Meg and Peg

Meg & Peg in Buttercup uniforms.

Total appearances: 6 (Meg); 5 (Peg).


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