King Roland II
King Roland II
Vital Statistics
Title King
Prince (formerly)
Other names Roland Winslow II[1]
Rollie (by Miranda)
Dad (by Sofia and James)
Father (by Amber)
Daddy (by Amber)
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Other Statistics
Affiliation Baileywick;
Family King Gideon (grandfather);
King Roland I (father);
Grand Mum (mother);
Queen Lorelei (first wife, deceased);[2][3]
Duchess Matilda (sister);
Queen Miranda (second wife);
Princess Amber (daughter);
Prince James (son);
Princess Sofia (stepdaughter);
Sir Bartleby (brother-in-law)[4]
Location Castle of Enchancia
Production Details
First appearance Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess
Played by Travis Willingham

Roland II is the king of the kingdom of Enchancia. He is the father of twins Princess Amber and Prince James, and the stepfather of Sofia, due to his marriage to Sofia's mother, Miranda.


Early life

Young Roland II

Roland II as a child.

He used to play dazzleball with Cedric when they were younger.[5]

He was present to when Cordelia's hair was turned short and green, which was blamed on Cedric, ruining his reputation.[6]

He became a Junior Knight.[7]

After graduating from Royal Preparatory Academy, he went to learn how to rule at the EverRealm Academy.[8]

Miranda puts shoe on Roland

Love at first sight.

Miranda and Sofia lived in the village of Dunwiddie in Enchancia, where Miranda worked as a shoe maker. One day, she was called on by King Roland II. It was love at first sight, and they soon married.[9]


Miranda and Sofia then moved into the castle, with Roland and his children James and Amber. At their first dinner as a family, he told Sofia about the debut ball that was being done in her honor. Later that evening, he gave her the Amulet of Avalor as a welcome gift.[9] When he was looking for a gift in the jewel room, the amulet shined to get his attention,[10] which he didn't realise at the time was the doing of Princess Elena, who was trapped inside.[11]


Total appearances: 62.



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