King Gideon
King Gideon
Vital Statistics
Title King
Other names Great-grandpa King Gideon (by James)[1]
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Other Statistics
Family Unnamed wife (deceased);[2]
King Roland I (son);
Grand Mum (daughter-in-law);
King Roland II (grandson);
Duchess Matilda (granddaughter);
Queen Lorelei (second granddaughter-in-law, deceased);[3][4]Queen Miranda (second granddaughter-in-law);
Princess Amber (great-granddaughter);
Prince James (great-grandson);
Princess Sofia (step-great-granddaughter)
Production Details
First appearance StF: "Let the Good Times Troll"

Gideon was the king of the kingdom of Enchancia, before his son and grandson King Roland I and King Roland II, respectively.

Physical appearance

He was middle-aged with fair skin and brown hair, along with a beard. He was overweight.


He had a deep fear and distrust of the cave trolls of Enchancia, leading his future heirs and whole family to feel the same way until Princess Sofia, his step-great-granddaughter, could correct things.


Early life

When he saw the trolls banging their clubs right outside his castle at night, he ordered the guards to chase them back under the cave beneath the castle and banish them there for three generations.[1]

His wife took the Crown of the Gnomes without knowing who it belonged to, which the people of Enchancia then used as the Crown of Blossoms for their Festival of Plenty.[2]



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