Grimtrix the Good
Vital Statistics
Title Grimtrix the Good
Gender Male
Hair color Gray
Eye color Blue
Other Statistics
Occupation Headmaster (formerly)
Affiliation Hexley Hall (formerly);[1]
Cedric (formerly);[2]Order of the Wand (formerly)[1]
Production Details
First appearance SfF: "Hexley Hall"
Played by Billy West

Grimtrix was the headmaster at Hexley Hall. He founded Order of the Wand, in attempt to take over several kingdom.[1] He is also the master of Wriggley.

Physical appearance

Grimtrix is a middle-aged male, with gray hair.


Under the visage of his pleasant and kindness, is an evil man, who wanted to steal Princess Sofia's Amulet of Avalor when he first met her.[2]


After Fauna and Flora find out about the prank day by Hexley Hall students, Amy, Elliot, and Kurt, on Royal Preparatory Academy students, they plan to tell Grimtrix about it.[3]



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