Greylock the Grand
Vital Statistics
Title Greylock the Grand
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Other Statistics
Occupation Royal sorcerer (incarcerated)
Affiliation King Magnus (formerly);[1]
Cedric (formerly);[1]Order of the Wand (formerly)[1]
Production Details
First appearance StF: "Baileywhoops"
Played by Mitchell Whitfield

Greylock was the royal sorcerer of Rudistan. He is an old school friend and rival of Cedric, the royal sorcerer of Enchancia.[2] Like Cedric, Greylock wanted to overthrow his own king, so he joined the Order of the Wand to make it happen, but was eventually defeated when Cedric had a change of heart.[1]


He likes to pull pranks on Cedric, such as zapping him an electric buzzer when greeting him. He tried to outdo Cedric when entertaining the kids during Enchancia's royal jubilee, but when a problem arose in saving them, Cedric assisted, and gained Greylock's respect.[2]


Early life

He attended Hexley Hall with Cedric. At a school reunion, it was implied he burnt Cedric's hair off.[2]


The first time King Magnus visited Enchancia Castle, since Queen Miranda and Princess Sofia had moved in, he bragged about what Greylock could do when Cedric tried to entertain them all.[3]



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