Goodwyn the Great
Vital Statistics
Title Goodwyn the Great
Other names Goodie (by Winnifred)[1]
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Gray (born black)[2]
Other Statistics
Occupation Royal sorcerer (retired)
Affiliation King Roland I (formerly)
Family Winnifred (wife);
Cedric (son)
Location Mystic Meadows; Enchancia
Enchancia Castle (formerly)
Production Details
First appearance Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess (portrait)
StF: "Cedric's Apprentice"
Played by Jim Cummings

Goodwyn was the royal sorcerer of Enchancia, during King Roland I's reign.[3] He and his wife have since retired, now living in Mystic Meadows.[1]


Early lifeEdit

Young Goodwyn

Young Goodwyn with young Cordelia.

Goodwyn had saved Roland I nine times, but only saved half of him on the tenth. He then retired because of that.[3]


Total appearances: 11.


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