The EverRealm is the term given to the world in which Princess Sofia (and Princess Elena) lives.[1] At first it seemed exclusive to the citizens of the Mystic Isles, but this quickly seemed to be apparently known by certain individuals who live in the EverRealm, themselves, such as Miss Nettle,[2] as well as relatives living in both realms, such as Button and her cousin, Brick.[3] The barriers between both realms aren't that hard to cross either, as even the little Hoodwinks were able to travel to the village of Dunwiddie with ease.[3]

But above all else, there is an EverRealm Academy,[4] making it unclear if Sofia was the only royal who never knew about this, because of her commoner background.

Admiral Hornpipe claimed to have travelled the Seventeen Seas.[5]


  • In the real-world, there are seven seas.


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