Duchess Matilda
Duchess Matilda
Vital Statistics
Title Duchess
Princess (formerly)
Other names Tilly
Aunt Tilly (by Sofia, James, and Amber)
Duchess Tilly (by Spruce)
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Green
Other Statistics
Equipment Special bag
Amulet of Avalor (formerly)[1]
Occupation Story keeper (formerly)[1]
Family King Roland I (father);
Grand Mum (mother);
King Roland II (brother);
King Gideon (grandfather);
Queen Miranda (sister-in-law);
Princess Amber (niece);
Prince James (nephew);
Princess Sofia (step-niece)
Production Details
First appearance StF: "Great Aunt-Venture"
Played by Bonnie Hunt

Matilda, or Tilly for short, is the duchess of the kingdom of Enchancia; she is the older sister of King Roland II. She lives in her own manor house somewhere away from the royal castle.[2] She also acts as a mentor to her step-niece Princess Sofia, who now possesses the Amulet of Avalor, like she did when she was younger, and reveals to Sofia the Secret Library, which contains unfinished books of lives that need helping.[1]


Early lifeEdit

She used to attend Royal Preparatory Academy.[3] When Tilly lived at the castle when she was younger, she used to have Sofia's bedroom, where she would spend her time reading The History of Enchancia Castle.[2] She found the Secret Library thirty years before Sofia did, becoming a story keeper and finishing stories of books that did not yet have an ending, involving a life that needed helping.[1]


Total appearances: 5.


  • It's unknown why she gained the title of "Duchess," as she was born "Princess Matilda," meaning she should've ascended to the throne before her brother.


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