Vital Statistics
Species Dragon
Gender Female
Eye color Light blue
Other Statistics
Powers and abilites Flight;
Affiliation Princess Vivian;
Princess Sofia
Production Details
First appearance StF: "The Shy Princess"

Crackle is the pet dragon of Princess Vivian. She is very affectionate towards Princess Sofia's animal friend, Clover.

Physical appearance

Crackle is a small, female dragon with cyan skin, purple scales around her cheeks, and light blue eyes. She has purple spots on her nose and hands, three small horns protruding from the top of her head with the middle one being the biggest, and small wings on her back.


She acts over excited, especially when she's around Clover, liking (and over loving) him the moment they met.[1] She accidentally spews fire out of her mouth whenever she gets excited. She gets fiercely jealous of any attention Clover gets from another female animal.[2]

Powers and abilities

She can fly as a result of her wings and can breathe purple fire.


Total appearances: 10.

* Bold indicates a larger role.


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