Vital Statistics
Other names Cordelia the Conjuror
Mommy (by Calista)
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Other Statistics
Family Winnifred (mother);
Goodwyn (father);
Cedric (brother);
Calista (daughter)
Production Details
First appearance StF: "Gone With the Wand"
Played by Rachael MacFarlane
Gabriella Graves (young)

Cordelia is the sister of Cedric, and mother of Calista.


Early lifeEdit

Young Cordelia

Young Cordelia.

Cordelia wanted to make an impression when she entered her sorceress ball, with Cedric helping her by using a potion spell that would create smoke, but Cordelia accidentally mixed in another potion without them both realising it. When Cedric used the potion on Cordelia it caused her hair to turn short, spiky, and gray. Cedric tried to help, but just turned it green. She blamed Cedric into adulthood.


Cordelia wearing wig

Cordelia wearing her wig.

Cordelia left her daughter with Cedric and Princess Sofia, while she went on a spa day.[1]

Cordelia and Calista had to stay at for a while until their own castle's renovations had been finished. Cordelia and Cedric got into a fight over how to make Sofia's melon smaller, but they accidentally shrunk the castle and everything in it. In the meantime, Sofia and Calista desperately found out the truth of Cordelia's accident with the Looking Back Glass, which they then showed the siblings. Cedric then made everything regular size again, followed by restoring Cordelia's hair (now knowing the correct counter spell to use), which finally put a rest to their rivalry.[2]



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