Vital Statistics
Other names Mr. Cuddles (by Boswell)[1]
Species Rabbit
Gender Male
Fur color Gray
Other Statistics
Affiliation Princess Sofia;
Production Details
First appearance Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess
Played by Wayne Brady

Clover is the best animal friend of Princess Sofia. Although technically a wild animal, all his time spent at Enchancia Castle, has made him be considered a pet of Sofia, by her family and staff.[2] She has also introduced him as her pet.[3]

Physical appearance

Clover is a male rabbit, with gray fur.


Due to the power of the Amulet of Avalor, Sofia is able to understand animals, and be able to appease Clover's gluttonous appetite, as the princesses he tried to help before in exchange for food were never able to understand this.[4] Clover quickly got along with Sofia, giving her advice and making her feel better. Initially, he didn't like hugs,[4] but his growing affection towards Sofia has made him willing to make an exception for her.[1]

Despite his past umbrage with princesses not giving animals food, he was still in awe of Snow White.[5]

Clover is less altruistic than Sofia, but he is also more knowledgeable of the ways of royalty due to his studies and experiences.

He and Robin frequently banter due to both seeking authority.

Clover tended to avoid Crackle in the beginning, but they are now friends thanks to discovering each other's good qualities.


Early life

Animals have helped princesses to get food, but Clover stopped with Princess Amber, because she didn't give any.[6]


When he and his animal friends were rummaging for food in Dunwiddie Village, they saw Sofia and her mother take a carriage ride to live in their new home at Enchancia Castle (after her mother married King Roland II), and he motioned for them to stow away.[4] He took Sofia by surprise the first time they saw each other, but after her amulet gave her the power of animal speech, she quickly took a shine to him. After that point, Sofia and Clover began a long friendship of playing, but also learning to work with their different interests and opinions.


Total appearances: 41.

* Bold indicates larger role.



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