Vital Statistics
Title Cedric the Sorcerer (unofficial)
Cedric the Sensational[1][2]
Other names Mr. Cedric (by Sofia)
Uncle Cedy (by Calista)
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Gray
Other Statistics
Occupation Royal sorcerer
Affiliation Royal family of Enchancia
Team Goodwyn (briefly);[1]
Greylock[3] (formerly)[4]
Order of the Wand (formerly)[4]
Family Goodwyn (father)
Winnifred (mother)
Cordelia (sister)
Calista (niece)
Production Details
First appearance Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess
Played by Jess Harnell

Cedric is the royal sorcerer to the kingdom of Enchancia. His entire life serving King Roland II, he actually found this be to beneath him, and was always scheming to get Princess Sofia's magical Amulet of Avalor, which would help in overthrowing him.

But the time he spent helping Sofia, slowly, but surely chiselled away at his evil, and when he temporarily succeeded in taking over the kingdom, thanks to the Order of the Wand, he gave it up because he couldn't hurt her. He would've stayed locked up and later banished, if it weren't for Sofia still taking his side after he helped take down the Order's leader, Grimtrix.[4]


He felt his talents were being wasted, being given no respect and treated like a simply parlor magician. This is despite the fact he is inept at what he does, as he always fumbles in his spells. Some of it may be because he is nervous around the king.[5] But King Roland never had the heart to replace him because he comes from a long line of sorcerers.[6] Indeed, Cedric's work is always compared to how his father served King Roland I, with Goodwyn even trying to correct Cedric in his spells.[1] His mother, on the other hand, encouraged his evil desires,[5] even assisting him at one point.[7] She is not necessarily evil, herself; she is simply does this to not only support Cedric, but to get at Goodwyn, who is too self-righteous.[8]


Early lifeEdit

Young Cedric

Young Cedric, right before it all went down hill.

An accident, for which he was blamed for, caused Cordelia's hair to turn short, spiky, and green. His bangs seemed to turn grey as if in response to the bad looks he got.[9]

Young Cedric at Hexley Hall

Young Cedric at Hexley Hall.

He studied at Hexley Hall.[10] When he was older, he took over the duties of his retired father, Goodwyn the Great.[5]


Total appearances: 29.



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