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Amulet of Avalor

The amulet responding to Princess Sofia's command.

The Amulet of Avalor is a mystical jewel that was a family heirloom to the royal family of Avalor, that was said to protect them.[1] It is currently in the possession of Princess Sofia of Enchancia.

Physical appearance

The jewel is connected to a white and purple necklace. The jewel, itself, was ruby red until Princess Elena was sucked into it, turning it purple, until she was released; which then turned ruby pink.[1] When it activated during the time Elena was trapped inside, either to reward or punish the wearer, it shined light purple. After Elena was released, it shined pink.[2] It also turns blue when summoned by the Secret Library.[3]

Powers and abilities

When Princess Elena was trapped within the amulet, she made it so that if it was either used for kindness or ill gain, the wearer would be either blessed with a gift or cursed with misfortune, respectively, until they set things right.

Rewards for good deeds
  • Talking to animals after Sofia helped one in need.[4]
  • Turning into a mermaid after helping Princess Oona.[5]
Punishments for bad deeds
  • Sofia croaked when she was boastful about being the singer of the harvest festival.[6]

It can bring princesses from other time periods.[7][8]



Early history

Elena inside Amulet of Avalor

Elena trapped inside the amulet.

It was given to Elena by her mother on her fifteenth birthday. When the evil Shuriki attacked the kingdom of Avalor, and fired her wand at Elena, the amulet protected her by pulling her into the amulet. Shuriki was unaware of this, and the royal wizard, Alacazar, secretly took the amulet to find a princess worthy of freeing her. But his search took too long, leading him into old age, so he used the last of his strength to transform himself into a book, which ended up in Enchancia Castle's Secret Library.

During that time, the amulet fell into the hands of many princesses, each learning what it could do, as Elena tested them all to find the right one who could free her,[1] Princess Charlotte very briefly owned it.[10] The amulet came to Enchancia Castle because of Duchess Matilda (Tilly).[12] Tilly wore it for a time.[3] The Grand Mum knew about it and told stories to King Roland II about how it protected the princesses who wore it.[13] But she never wore it herself.[12]

Recent history

Amulet's 1st reward

Sofia's first reward.

When King Roland II was picking a welcome gift from the royal jewel room for his newly arrived stepdaughter, the amulet lit up, drawing him to choose that.[1][13]


Total appearances: 103.


  • Due to the costume Sofia was wearing in "Too Cute to Spook", the Amulet was completely covered up, leaving that the only episode of Sofia the First it hasn't appeared in.


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